Munich, Germany

 Dinner in Munich with HVB 

Our kick-off 2018 event was held on the 25th January in Munich. Together with the HVB we invited the Fintech Ladies Europe Network to the HVB Tower Munich for a delicious dinner.

As always with our dinners, the goal was to bring together women involved in digitization, finance, insurance and other digital industries to get to know each other, discuss business opportunities and new trends, all within a relaxing and open atmosphere.


Anne Gferer from HVB opened the evening with a greeting and introduction to the HVB team and the evening schedule.

Afterwards, Carolin Gabor took over to give an overview of the Fintech Ladies Europe history and why this is so important to her. It is about connecting women who achieve great things every day and providing the platform to empower and support each other within this business where women are still hard to find in high level management positions. On a greater scale, the goal is to establish a global platform in Europe and promote the inspiring women who are leading the way in business and showing younger women that there is a place for females in the finance and digitization industries.

Two topics that Carolin also introduced and stood out for their impact were: Women & Finance and #metoo.


After the entrees Jennifer Fizia, founder and Head of Communication & PR of Lendstar, gave an insight into the founding of Lendstar and how the company has developed to where it is today. Moreover, she talked about the core beliefs of Lendstar and its versatile uses. One of the main messages was how quickly the product can be built and individualized for every company that want to integrate the product, and how timing and execution wise, this is a big difference compared to traditional payment services.


The main course was followed by Nele Krüger from optile. Nele not only gave an insight into the product of optile and how wide-ranged the services they provide are, but also she explained about the e-commerce market and how broad it is.


Overall, we enjoyed a great evening filled with great food, conversation and inspiring talks. Many thanks to the HVB team for hosting and providing us with a fantastic dinner and prime location.